• 7 heart chain done
    I’ve seen this done with paper strips and thought it would make a good
    homecoming mum chain.
    To make a 24″ chain:
    Cut 15 -10″strips of #5 or #9 acetate ribbon.
    Fold in half with the shiny side out.
    3 heart chain ribbon ends
    Bring ends of ribbon together as shown.
               Line up with fold  & staple across bottom.
    5 heart chain stapled
    Add the next heart to the top.
    6 heart chain link 2
    Work on a flat surface to keep hearts aligned.
    heart chain2 tone heart chain
    This is how your chain will look. You can use other ribbons such as ice crunch or clear- as long as they are somewhat stiff and will hold a crease. You can alternate colors for a unique look.
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